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"CCTL" JSC was founded in 1994 on the basis of service of material support of the State ship-building plant "Severnaya Verf".

Today "CCTL" JSC is a versatile company which consists of the following subdivisions:

  • Stevedoring services, Transport
    Offers a full complex of the services, such as transportation, transfer, storage and freights forwarding.
  • "Spetsgidrotehnika"
    Designing and manufacturing of small-sized dredgers
  • Commercial centre
    Carries out supply of shipbuilding materials with the fulfilment of all customs procedures
  • Manufacture of water treatment systems

Manufacturing of Installations of water-preparation for swimming pools.

For more than a decade of a productive work the company has managed to adjust strong business relations with the partners in many regions of Russian Federation, the CIS countries, Europe and Asia.

This result became possible due to the highly skilled employees of "CCTL" JSC who were engaged for decades in the sphere of logistics and delivery of shipbuilding and ship repair materials, as well as transportation.

We develop our business following the motto - quality, reliability, competence in the fulfillment of orders.

Stevedoring services, transport

Commercial centre

Water Treatment System


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