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Commercial centre

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"CCTL – Commercial Centre" carries out a great volume of deliveries of ship materials under orders of clients, shipping metal within the territory of Russia, the CIS and Asia.

All the materials have certificates required; they could be delivered by both automobile and railway transport to any address with the entire customs procedures duly performed.

Commercial Centre consists of 4 departments:

  • Department of mechanisms and electrical equipment;
  • Department of fittings and accessories;
  • Department of ferrous metals, auxiliary and building materials;
  • Department of rubber, items, metal ware, pipes, oil products and chemical productions, nonferrous metals.

The production of "CCTL – Commercial Centre" is provided with the necessary engineering specifications and can be delivered by our railway or automobile transport to the place appointed by the customer. At performance of orders of the foreign customers Commercial Centre carries out all customs and stevedoring works in full.

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Commercial centre

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