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Central Dredging association
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Central Dredging Association

Our company has more than ten years experience in designing and building dredgers.

The equipment we produce is suitable for sand, gravel and precious metals mining, for maintenance of rivers, channels and contaminated deposits cleaning, inwashing of dams, construction sites, oil derricks sites and roads, as well as for mainlaying works etc. Our dredgers operate in most environmentally friendly way and can also be used for both prevention and elimination of the aftermaths of natural disasters such as floods.

"CCTL - Spetsgidrotehnica" incorporates design office that allows to create projects of dredgers directly under the technical requirements of the customer, to implement innovative ideas and techniques.

We specialize in building small sized dredgers those distinctive characteristics are:

  • The minimal weight;
  • The maximum efficiency of suction;
  • The minimum charge of diesel fuel;
  • Comparatively small crew needed 1-2 persons.

The dredgers can be transported by railway or automobile transport as well as can be moved by helicopter to the place of works, inaccessible by other types of transport. It is possible to transfer a dredger from a transport condition to a working condition in just several hours.

Comparatively small sizes and weight, together will high capacity, ease of transport and assembly make our dredgers the most economical and effective solution for dredging related problems.

Certificates for the suction-tube dredges are issued by the River Register of Russia.

Our dredgers successfully work on numerous objects within the territory of Russian Federation, the CIS countries, Asia and Africa.

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