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Water Treatment System

About manufacture

Water Treatment System (WTS) is the modern system, designed and manufactured in view of the advanced requirements to materials for water pools in Russia. WTS can be used in sport swimming pools as well as in swimming pools in rehabilitation centers, children’s swimming pools in kindergartens and secondary schools.

Water Treatment System is also suitable for processing the sea water. It was certificated by the state sanitary-and-epidemiologic department of Russian Federation and correspond to European standards of quality of swimming pool water processing.

The complete set of the water treatment unit provides for::

  • mixing of the water circulation volume with the make-up water;
  • disinfection;
  • coagulation of hazardous substances;
  • coarse purification allowing to remove large-size polluting particulates;
  • necessary circulation volume;
  • control of the power supply to pumps;
  • fine purification with the use of mechanical filters with contact coagulation;
  • filter flushing without variation of the total water discharge.

Our WTS could be delivered by automobile or by railway transport to any address. A warranty period of exploitation of filters of rough clearing of mechanical and pipeline system is 50 years, a full resource of Water Treatment System as a whole before the first repair is 10 years. Operation of WTS is carried out without application of imported chemical preparations, disinfectants and coagulants.

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Water Treatment System


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