Warehouse services

Warehouse services

«CCTL» JSC  offers large storage areas for a wide variety of cargo. Our warehouses are equipped with proper loading equimpent. All storage areas are located on a well-guarded territory, and also have interior and exterior security systems.

Total covered warehouses area – 25 612 m2
Total outdoors storage area– 65 000 m2

Covered warehouses Outdoors storage areas
Heated and not
Pavement: asphalt and plates
Both distant and in close proximity to berths
Both distant and in close proximity to berths
Railroad access, ramps for wagon unloading Railroad access, ramps for wagon unloading
Up to 10m ceiling
Outlets for refrigirated containers (440 units)
Beam cranes  (3 - 10 ton) Bridge/gantry cranes   (up to 50 ton)


  • Cargo reception and dispatch
  • Cargo safekeeping
  • Free storage period – if agreed with the client
  • Sorting, bundling, forming cargo lots of any complexity
  • Additional services on request: packaging,  reloading, labelling, palleting, and other preparations cargo for transportation.
  • Automated software for warehouse accounting in complience with client's requests
  We provide cargo safekeeping, all loading/unloading works are only done after recieving documented confirmation from the client. 

Sales department: (812) 339-94-20, (812) 339-94-21
Email: sales@cctl.ru
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