Shipbuilding supplies

Shipbuilding supplies

In 1994 «CCTL» JSC established The Commercial Centre, which is successfuly operating ever since, working in such areas as:

  1. Equipment and materials supply for ship building and repairing industry, REW fleet, as well as ship supply companies.
  2. Procurement, assembly, conservation, packaging, and shipping equipment for foreighn customers.
  3. Selling equipment and materials from our company's warehouses for ship building, repairing and ship supply companies.

All our equipment and materials are shipped with certificates of quality and any other required documents, transtaled to foreight languages, if requested. 

We prepare all the necessary custom documentation for our foreight shipments.

Our experience in equipment shipping along with established relationships with trustworthy suppliers, accumulated over the years, allows us to guarantee the quality of the delivered products and sensible delivery time.

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